Boston's Wing Sauce

This amazing recipe evolved over a two-year period as Boston tasted and tested a combination of ingredients until he finally reached that perfect balance between sweet and hot.

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Now Available Online

Originally sold exclusively at Boston's Lake House Grill in Roosevelt, Arizona, you can now order Boston's famous wing sauce conveniently online.

Two Convenient Sizes

Boston's Wing Sauce comes in 22 oz. and 12 oz. sizes.

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Premium Quality and Taste

Aged cayenne red peppers and real honey

Boston's special combination of premium spices and natural ingredients have given his Wing Sauce an unmistakable, unique and delicious flavor.

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Boston's Wing Sauce is the Bomb!!!! I have been using this sauce at home for years. My favorite is on chicken, especially the wings but really you can put in on anything to drive up the flavor. I always keep extra in my pantry. Get this sauce and you will be hooked!

Michael Vukonich - NHL

I have traveled all over the USA, while playing hockey. I have always enjoyed trying different places for chicken wings. By far Boston's chicken wings are the best I have ever had. The flavor of Boston's sauce stands out from any other chicken wing sauce I have tasted.

Greg Adams

This sauce is by far the best BBQing sauce that I have used. It's both
sweet and hot at the same time, without taking away the flavor of the meat you are BBQing. Try it once and you will never stop using it.

NHL ALUMNI -- Wayne McBean

Best wing sauce you'll ever find. This stuff is gold. Sweet, spicy and perfect for chicken wings.

Ian Lott