About Boston and His Famous Wing Sauce

In 2005, "Boston" (as he was known to family & friends),  dreamed of opening a restaurant near Roosevelt Lake, Arizona, a 23,000 acre reservoir 53 miles east of Phoenix. It would have a family-friendly atmosphere and quality food at affordable prices -- a place where folks could relax, have a beer, and hang out with friends and family.

Soon after, on New Year's Day -- January 1, 2006 -- Boston's Lake House Grill celebrated its grand opening!

Filled with sports memorabilia -- mostly Boston, Mass.-themed -- the Lake House gained in notoriety after Boston developed his very own “wing sauce” recipe. He tried and tested numerous combinations of ingredients, until finally, after two years, he found the perfect palate pleaser, with a delectable sweet/hot taste that had folks raving about its unique flavor.

The Lake House Grill's specialty wings are first deep fried, then coated with Boston's famous wing sauce and then finally charred slightly on the grill. Customer response: "Absolutely Delicious!"

Due to the popularity of Boston's Wing Sauce, we've decided to make it available through this online store so everyone can enjoy its great taste at home!

Now available in both 12- and 22-ounce sizes.